The Seven Lakes Fine Arts Departments ~ Orchestra, Choir, Dance and Theatre, 
 collaborate to produce a fully staged musical every other year,
which is then submitted for the Tommy Tunes Awards season that year.
The 2019 Fine Arts Musical is...

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

To find out more about the Tommy Tunes Awards  click here.  

The Tech Application

Dance Video 1

Dance Video 2

Dance Video 3

The music and the singing audition music will be available by Thursday evening.

You must download the app: “RehearScore”, which is a mobile app.

Once the app is downloaded onto your mobile device (does not work on a desktop computer or laptop), you will use

the username: beautyandthebeast

The Password is 28199450

The Audition pieces are:

Belle (Song 2)- Measures 7-16 or 125-157

Mrs. Potts (Song 15)- Measures 4a-29

Beast (Song 10)- Measures 65-92

Lumiere (Song 9)- Measures 9-43

Gaston (Song 8) Measures 159-190

Let Mr. Heerssen know if the app does not download on you iOS or Android phone.  Thanks.

Beauty and the Beast Production Packet

The production packet is due Friday, December 7th, 2018 to either Mr. Chocs, Mr. Heerssen, a Stage Manager or a Student director.

The Acting Rehearsal Calendar


Official Cast Last

Beauty and the Beast Tech Schedule

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Be sure to sign up to help during the performances!

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