2019- 2020 Studio VII Booster Club

Executive Board:

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President Barb Schulte

Vice President Sherri Tandon

Treasurer Debbie Escovy

Secretary Debi Easter and Michelle Francisco

Fundraising India Eastman

Productions Christine O’Rear

Public Relations Sherri Tandon


Major: General oversight of organization.

Duties: Presides at all general and/or executive meetings. The President ensures that constitution and policies of the organization  are carried out; shall oversee the appointment of all committees, perform the duties normally associated with this office, and act as a representative of the organization at school-wide,  public and private functions.   The President acts as the representative  of SVIIBC on any committee  that involves coordination  between school booster groups, e.g. Holiday Extravaganza,  Student Info Nights, etc.



Major: Membership and Patron Chair.

Duties: The VP shall assume the duties of the President at any time that the President is unable to fulfill the duties of the office. The VP will assist the President in the performance of the President's duties and serve as Membership and Patron chairperson for the organization, sending CHARMS email notices as requested by staff and board. The Vice President shall also arrange for chaperones throughout the year as needed and updates volunteer slots in CHARMS.  In the April General Meeting the Vice President, shall appoint three individuals which are members of the Studio VII Booster Club to the Auditing Committee for the purpose of reviewing Studio VII Booster Club financial records. The audit shall be done after the close of the fiscal year.



Major: Financial management and reporting.

Note: Knowledge of QuickBooks and 50l(c)3 organization is helpful but not mandatory.

The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds, securities, and valuable papers, and the financial records of the organization. The Treasurer shall make a financial report monthly, including an end of year full financial report.  The Treasurer is responsible for filing Texas state Sales Tax Retun1s in January of each year.  The Treasurer is responsible for filing IRS Form 990 at the end of fiscal term each year. The Treasurer also oversees the Scholarship committee.



Major: Responsible for SVII BC meeting minutes, updating organizational documents as necessary and VIPS reporting.

Duties: The Secretary shall prepare and maintain Minutes of all meetings of the Membership and the Executive Committee and conduct the correspondence  of the organization, keep records of volunteer hours for VIPS/KISD, review and update orgainzational ByLaws and documents as voted on, and maintain files therein.



Major:  Responsible for Studio VII communications, Playbills, Charms & Website administration.

Duties: The Publicity Director will be responsible for internal and external communications, including local area newspapers, eNews (SLHS, BDJH, BJH), area businesses, SLHS admin staff (marquee), feeder schools, etc.   Works with Playbill creator to facilitate production photos, student head-shots, etc. and program advertisements.  Also manages Charms communications and Studio VII Website content.



Major:  Responsible for execution of the major fundraising activities of the Studio VII Booster Club. 

Duties:  These currently include, but are not limited to: Spartan Spectacular Pizza Sales, Spirit Nights with local restaurants, Best Seat in the House, Scholarship Car Washes (Fall/Spring),  Holiday Greenery Sales (October/orders and December/delivery), Company Logo Item Sales (t-shirts,  polos, duffle bags, car decals, etc.) and Production T-Shirt Sales.  This position also involves deposits for each event - works closely with Treasurer to coordinate the money aspect of the various fundraisers.   This function must have sub-committee chairs to lighten the responsibilities.



Major:  Responsible for oversight of all audience and production based activities/committees.

Duties:  These currently include (but are not limited to) Concessions, Box Office, House Management, Hospitality for students during Survivor Saturdays and Home ComedySportz matches and Cast Parties.  This position relies heavily on committee chairs to effectively manage all events.