2019-2020 Studio VII Booster Club

Committee Chairs


Playbill Kari Sezonov and Diane Sanchez

Box Office Barb Schulte

Scholarships Greg Schulte

Concessions Christine O'Rear

Rental Concessions Mercedes Chavez

House Manager Mike Heintz

 Hospitality - Productions  Jeannine McMasters

Hospitality - ComedySportz    Stephanie Aromy

Awards Banquet Jennifer Dold

Holiday Extravaganza Vanessa Heintz


Reports to the Treasurer. The Scholarship  Chair is responsible for recruiting and oversight of the SVIIBC Scholarship Committee (spring only). This volunteer may not have a graduating Senior in the year that they serve. The purpose of the committee is to award scholarships to graduating Seniors at year­end.  Scholarships are awarded at Annual Awards Banquet in May.


Reports to the Public Relations Director. The Playbill Chair is responsible for creation of Playbill for each major SVII production.  Includes coordination of student biographies, program advertisement sales printing etc.

BOX OFFICE (Can be co-chaired, i.e. Fall Production, or Musical, or ComedySportz)

Reports to the Productions Director.  The Box Office Chair is responsible for Box Office Coordination for all productions (major, minor and ComedySportzHSL). Includes selling tickets, coordinating volunteers, making deposits, etc.

CONCESSIONS (Can be co-chaired)

Reports to the Productions Director. The Concessions Chairperson is responsible for purchasing, stocking, recruiting volunteers, and overseeing volunteers and finances during concession sales at scheduled events.  The events for concessions can be theatre productions, as well as, additional PAC performance rentals such as dance troupes.  The chairperson will work closely with the Fundraising Chairperson and committee; coordinate with the Comedy Sportz Chairperson, and the board and staff.


Reports to the Productions Director.  The Productions Hospitality Chair is for coordination of meals for Survivor Saturday during major productions and coordinates with Concessions to provide water backstage during productions for cast/crew/directors. The Chairperson also oversees/liaisons with parents for event coordination of Cast Parties (site selection, menu, volunteers, communications, etc.) after each major production.


Reports to the Productions Director.  Upon selection of ComedySportz Team at the beginning of each school year, the Chairperson duties include: publish list of all scheduled ComedySportz rehearsals/matches, update and communicate calendar changes as necessary, gather-publish-distribute team members' parent contact information, assign each team parent to provide team meals for home matches, coordinate finances for above duties/events, coordinate with assigned Student manager for ticket sales.  The ComedySportz  HSL Hospitality Chair is responsible to work with the Productions Hospitality Chair for Concession Stand Coordination (incl: volunteers and sales) for all CSzHSL home events/matches.  This position is also responsible for coordination of meals and drinks for performers for home matches when hosting other area school teams or during the Student vs. Faculty match.

AWARDS  BANQUET (Can be co-chaired)

Reports to the President and VP.  The Awards Banquet Chair (or co-chairs) are responsible for the overall event coordination including site selection, menu selection (with SVIITC student officers), invitations, RSVPs, decorations, seating assignments (with SVII Thespian student officers), payment processing, etc.

HOUSE MANAGER (Can be co-chaired)

Reports to the Productions Director.  The House Manager is responsible for the oversight of Lobby setup (including cast photos and Best Seat/Star Grams tables etc.), ensuring all public doors are unlocked, Box Office is ready, cash boxes are distributed, Concessions is ready etc.  House Manager plays runner between functions as needed to ensure all volunteers have what they need and addresses any audience seating or ticketing issues.  House Manager communicates with productions staff for performance start and intermission timing.

SPECIAL EVENTS (Can be co-chaired)

Reports to the Fundraising Director.  The Chairperson is responsible for creating any new fund-raisers, managing selected fund-raisers, and coordinating fund-raisers with other committee, board and staff persons.  Special Event Fund-raisers may include, but are not limited to; Spirit Nights, Program Ads, and Spartan Spectacular Pizza Sales.


Reports to the Fundraising Director.  This Project Chairperson is responsible for coordination of the assigned duties for the current year with the other fine arts department volunteers, staff and students.  Funds from the event benefit the musical or the master classes in alternating years.  Chairperson duties rotate between departments each year.  For instance, on musical years, the chairperson and silent auction coordinator will be from the Choir and Theater departments.  The off years, the chairperson and silent auction coordinator will come from the Band and Orchestra departments.  In 2012, the chairperson is from Choir and Studio VII will be responsible for the Silent Auction and any other accepted duties (such as clean-up, finances, etc.).  The committee should meet promptly in September and roughly follow the HE Event Guidelines.