CHARMS is the web based program used by the SLHS Theatre Department to compile and track all student and production information and needs.  Each family can keep track of their student's participation in the Studio VII Theatre Co. in their individual accounts.

Your child should receive login information regarding CHARMS
 at the beginning of the school year.


For all StudioVII calendars, activities and payments go to:


Then enter your Student Area Password
(which is your student's ID# unless otherwise notified or changed by you). 

Please contact one of the theatre directors, or the Booster Club Vice President at,if you need assistance.




Student Info/Calendar/Account Website


Through the CHARMS website, Studio VII Students and Parents can keep track of:

     *     Events

     *     Schedules

     *     Forms

     *     Volunteer opportunities/schedules

     *     Studio VII merchandise

     *     Student payments

     *     Contact the Directors  

Students are given instructions (particularly at the beginning of the year and the beginning of each production) by the staff to visit Charms regularly and parents are advised to do so as well.


To visit CHARMS Website for the first time:

1.     Click on CHARMS link on website (Home page, left Tab)

2.     Enter Student Password (case sensitive) (should be their Katy ISD Student ID number).


1.     Enter into your browser.

2.     Click on Charms ENTER button (upper right hand corner of screen)

3.     Select Parent/Student/Members.

4.     In the Enter School Code box, type in sevenlakesdrama (no spaces) and click Enter.

5.     Enter Student Area Password (case sensitive) (should be their Katy ISD Student ID number).


     NOTE: Passwords are established at the beginning of each year as the Student's Seven Lakes ID #.  You can reset the password once you are logged into your account.


    Please access your CHARMS account and enter/update in all pertinent contact/schedule information.  Information requested in thefollowing forms will be used as backup and for emergency use. 



Check to see that your "Content Advisor" is not enabled. Many secure sites (HTTPS), including Charms, encounter difficulties using Internet Explorer due to a Microsoft bug.

  1. Select Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Content tab. 

  2. If the top button reads "Disable" - click that button, enter your password, and click OK.

  3. Log off Internet Explorer and log back in, and then into Charms. It should work perfectly.


  4. Select Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and

  5. Click the Sites button.

  6. Add to your trusted websites.



Contact any of the Theatre directors or the Booster Club Vice President at if you need assistance or have any questions.